Yard Check Module: 

  • Reports are now automatically generated from TOUCH in the Report History section and all generated reports in WEB are also accessible within 90 days
  • Improved method to generate report by selecting surveys with filter options


Advanced Analytics using Tableau 

  • Expanded the available reports for analytics focusing on TRACKER / intelliTire module to perform in depth root cause analysis and help you to get actionable insights faster


Regulatory Compliance

  • Updated the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for Toolbox
  • A compliant cookie banner now appears for all users



  • Improved filter controls for locations and vehicles when generating a report for INSTA, OOSTA and TRACKER/intelliTire
  • Fitment data captured in TRACKER  now included in the INSTA combined report



  • TPMS indicator now in the inspection details page for TRACKER/intelliTire
  • TPMS Solution integrated into the Yard Check Module 
  • Up Sync improvements to know at which stage of the uploaded file currently is. 

This release also includes bug fixes and improvements for WEB & TOUCH.