Our June Release is now live!

What to expect

TRACKER / intelliTire

  • Improved Tire Card with new performance summary section and printable option
  • New Filter Option to simplify your search in TRACKER


Multiple new and improved features to increase your productivity

  • Quicker Address entry for Fleet and Locations that can now be completed quickly
  • Customization of your preferred fleet and module 

Bulk upload for Secondary IDs that comprises of: 

  1. Vehicle Creation
  2. Registering new Tire IDs and new Rims and Wheels in TRACKER 


 TRACKER / intelliTire

  • Task Module is now fully integrated when using mobile
  • New TPMS Sensor page now accessible via the Vehicle Summary page 


Improvement in performance for downloading Master Data, thanks to the new method storing addresses in WEB.

This release also includes bug fixes and improvements for WEB & TOUCH.  

Please have a look at the below educational video that explains the Tire Card and the new approach to enter addresses in Toolbox WEB