What to expect


TRACKER / intelliTire
 Task module now fully embedded with Improved Visual Interface to provide key information in one snapshot in the Vehicle Summary Page: 

  • Last Inspection date
  • Mount date
  • Direct link to the Tire card
  • Task

Tasks can be created for all users now.


TRACKER/ Tirematics/ intelliTire

In Yard / Out of Yard Logic  is now available  for all Real-time TPMS solution users.



TRACKER / intelliTire 

Same visual improvements matching the WEB. 

Simpler option to convert an ‘unknown’ tire, to set a unique ID and to associate to a tire product during inspection. 



Implemented the landscape mode to iPads for the inspection details page. It allows you to complete the inspection even faster. 


This release includes bug fixes and further improvements for WEB and TOUCH.

Please have a look at the educational video, explaining the improvements for TRACKER / intelliTire: