The questions were accumulated from training sessions that were held in November and December 2019

BASys Fleet Analyzer (Legacy BFA)

Q: Can I still use BFA? 

A: No. After Jan. 5, 2020, BFA will be read only until April 1, 2020.


Q: Will I lose all data I have done in the old BFA? 

A: National Account data has been brought over to Toolbox from BFA, however, Local accounts and specific vehicle information will not be brought over to Toolbox.

Q: Is there any information on a Fleet User Subscription/Fees?  
A: There is a team working on the pricing structure for a fleet user.


Toolbox Logon Information

Q: Will dealers have a new login? 

A: Yes. To obtain their login, they must contact the dealer admin.


Q: When will dealers have access to Toolbox? 

A: We’ve held dealer sessions the first couple weeks of December.  We initially focused on the top 25 dealers, but not all dealers responded for training.  If dealers attended the training session and the dealer admin has provided them with logon information, they can access Toolbox now.


Q: Will users be transferred from BFA into Toolbox?  

A: No, Dealer users will have to be reentered by the Dealer Admin.


Q: Can the dealer send in a list of users to be setup?  

A: No, The dealer admin should be setting these up.


Q: Can CSM’s be the admin for the dealer?  

A: No


Q: What is the setup process for the Dealer Admin? 

A: Contact FSM Support and they will set them up.  Documentation for Toolbox and Dealer Admin will be sent to them at time of setup.   The Dealer Admin will maintain their own user file.


Q: Can they still access Toolbox using credentials during the trial?

A: If they were setup with a Toolbox username and password yes.  If they are asking about using their login from BFA, no.  They will have to be setup with a new username and password through the dealer’s admin person.


Q: Will there be full admin capabilities for all users?  

A: No, Only the dealer admins and FMS Support will have this capability.


Hardware / Devices

Q: What is the future of the MC55A for dealers – can dealers trade in the MC55A?

A: Dealers cannot trade their handheld device. We have worked with RMS Omega to notify dealers not to purchase an MC55A. Dealers can still use their MC55’s for BASys Work Order Entry.


Q: How do I get a new Bluetooth gauge? 

A: Bridgestone will not be replacing the Bluetooth probes for dealers; therefore, dealers should call FMS Support at 800-523-6366, option 2 if they have the older gauges. RMS Omega is updating the boards in the Bluetooth gauge for dealers with older gauges that aren’t compatible with Toolbox. This will be approximately two hundred dollars, which is less than half the price to purchase a new device.  The new gauges are approximately $750.


Q: How is the gauge calibrated? 

A: The QuickCal app will need to be downloaded for calibration. In the QuickCal app, ensure your probe is setup for millimeters. 

Note: This will be simplified in a future release. 


Q: What is the max distance you can be away from the phone (device) and still get a reading from the Bluetooth gauge?

A: This depends on the phone you have.


Q: Is there an ETA for a Bridgestone CSM to turn in their current handhelds? 

A: If you absolutely know that you’re not going to use it, you can turn it in to Sonia Crouch at the NSM, but if you have any doubts you should keep it.


Q: What if the sticker on the probe is gone? 

A: The user can turn on the probe and open the Bluetooth settings on the device (not within the app). The name of the device should be in the list.


Q: Can you have the Toolbox application on multiple devices (like iPad and Mobile)? 

A: Yes


Q: Is the app the same for the Apple phone as the iPad? 

A: There are a few differences, but for the most part, it is the same. 


Q: Is the Android tablet supported? 

A: No only iPhone, iPad and Android phone are supported currently.


Q: I have issues with battery life on my phone. Will battery life be better? 

A: This needs to be addressed with your cell phone provider.


Q: Can an iPad be used to create a fleet on the website? 

A: Yes, if Google Chrome is the web browser.


Q: What if the data connection is poor? 

A: Data connection won’t affect performing the survey but will affect syncing. Users must be on WIFI or LTE to sync.


Q: If my Smartphone is in my pocket, is the phone able to be locked in that process? 

A: This depends on the settings on the smartphone device. 


Q: If my phone dies, do I lose all data?

A: Any vehicles that were saved should still be there. 


Q: Do I have to put my phone on airplane mode, so a call doesn’t come in? 

A: No, you should be able to take a call then go back into your survey.


Q: What is the turnaround for a new gauge or to get a new one?  

A: Contact RMS Omerga for information.


Q: Can you use different chucks on the gauges? 

A: Yes, you just need to get the correct fittings. The chucks should be easily swapped out.


Toolbox Application Details

Q: In the conditions area, will the system default to an air pressure if you have more than five pounds?

A: Yes, it will default, but it will be automatic (you won’t have to select it). You can manually add a condition as well.


Q: When you select tire sizes, can you combine 275/80R22.5 and 285/75R22.5? 

A: This is on development roadmap for 2020.


Q: If doing a large fleet yard check and there are multiple surveys, is there a way to consolidate multiple yard checks within one report? 

A: When running a report, you can select multiple surveys to consolidate in to one report.  If you are a BS teammate, be sure to select a dealer to share the survey when performing the survey.


Q: What if a dealer only has access to Firefox, will it work? 

A: We suggest downloading Google Chrome.


Q: Can surveys be done on the fly?

A: No, but this feature is expected in 2020.


Q: Can I create a new dealer?

A: No. All dealers are in the system, not designated by dealer store.


Q: Can I add a fleet logo? 

A: Yes. We are currently working on who should have rights to add the logo or picture, but when a logo is present, it will show on the report.


Q: Do I have to publish my own surveys to the web?

A: No, you need to Upload All or Sync at Immediate Actions Report, then create the report from the web.


Q: Can you fix mistakes then run the report again?

A: Yes. After the survey is uploaded, search for your fleet on the web and click Audits > Yard Check.


Q: Can multiple people do a yard check at the same time? 

A: Yes, if you go out with a dealer, you can share a survey and they can see the survey after it is uploaded to the web. When you go into the report, they can see all their surveys and any surveys a Bridgestone teammate shared with them. The dealer can then combine surveys into one report.


Q: Can local accounts be setup on the device or only on the web? 

A: Currently local accounts can only be created on the web. Creating Fleets, Configurations and Maintenance Policies is on the 2020 roadmap.


Q: Can sharing the survey be done after performing the survey? 

A: Yes, surveys can be edited and shared after the fact. After the survey is uploaded, search for your fleet on the web and click Audits > Yard Check.


Q: Can a survey be deleted? 

A: Yes, you can delete a survey on the web and a specific vehicle.


Q: Can you select a tire if you need to go back to it?

A: Yes, you will tap on the image and it will populate a full screen image. You can also swipe across the screen to go from axle to axle.


Q: Is there going to be tire tracking in the future? 

A: Yes, Performance Tracking is high on the 2020 roadmap.


Q: Does Toolbox allow decimals in the vehicle numbers? 

A: Yes.


Q: Are the notes in the system permanently? 

A: Yes.

Q: Can I start building my local fleets now?

A: Yes.


Q: Will everyone at the dealership be able to see a local account after it is setup? 

A: Yes.


Q: Will local accounts be brought over from BFA? 

A: No. Only National Accounts will be brought over from BFA. This includes configurations.


Q: Can surveys be consolidated? 

A: Yes, multiple surveys can be combined into one report.


Q: What can you do if you are offline?  

A: You can do a survey but will be unable to upload/download/send email until you are connected either by wifi or data.


Q: What does the best guess of number of vehicles do? 

A: This is a global product and other countries might use this information, so this field is required for all users globally. Unfortunately, it cannot be hidden currently.


Q: Are reports going to be customizable?  

A: There will be an option to export the report to Excel and you can customize it in Excel.


Q: Will logos transfer from BFA to Toolbox?

A: No 


Q: Who will maintain the aliases for the National Accounts?  

A: FMS Support


Q: If a Bridgestone CSM sets up a local fleet, is the dealer able to access it and vice versa? 

A: No. The dealer will not be able to see the account if a BS Teammate set it up, but BS teammate will be able to see the dealers’ local accounts.


Q: Will configurations still be saved by vehicle? Example: when I did a survey for WM and selected a specific vehicle, the configurations would automatically come up. Will this be the same in Toolbox? 

A: Yes


Q: What locations can users enter into Toolbox?

A: Users can enter all locations for Local Accounts. National Accounts will be maintained by Bridgestone.  If a National Account location is missing notify FMS Support.


Q: Is the ability to automatically send reports to a predefined user list for completed surveys?  

A: No, but will submit for review.


Q: Can you override auto inflated tires?  

A: This will be available in 2020


Q: Can you survey auto inflated tires? 

A: Yes


Q: When will Insta be available?  

A: 2020


Q: Can you show past surveys on a mobile device? 

A: No, but you can on the web.


Q: When will the ability to send full reports from the app be available?

A: Has been discussed will submit for review.


Q: Front Page pictures and graphs (inte usage), Can this be changed?  

A: Will be submitted for review


Q: Who do we talk to about adding new fleets that want to use Toolbox? 

A: Call FSM Support and someone will get back to you.


Q: How often does Toolbox save?  

A: As you go through the app there are options to save such as checkmarks.  After the whole vehicle has been surveyed you will not be able to save until all required fields have been entered.


Q: Does YC recognize duplicate vehicles? 

A: Yes, if you bring up a vehicle that you have already surveyed it will show the readings in the app.


Q: When will we able to the email the reports from the app? 

A: You can email the immediate report now but not the full report. If you have Google Chrome on the device you can go to the web and email them. Possibly look at this in a future release. 


Q: How reliable is the Toolbox app? 

A: One of the 2020 goals is to make sure the app has stability before adding extra features.  If you are having any issues please contact FMS Support.


Q: Will the system be able to tell that a survey has been done recently?  

A: Yes


Q: Does the app auto update? 

A: Yes, if your device is set for automatic updates




Q: Will there be any more training sessions?

A: There may be additional training in 2020. 


Q: If there is a dealer who is requesting training who do they contact? 

A: The dealer’s CSM can request training for the dealer through FMS Support or the dealer can call FMS Support directly. 


Q: Why didn’t any Canadian dealer’s get setup?

A: We focused on the top 25 dealer users from BFA and there weren’t any Canadian dealers on the list.  We are going to hold additional trainings in January.  



FMS Support

The support team has been trained and is ready to assist you. Please use any of the avenues below to contact support:

Phone: 800-523-6366, option 2