Please find attached the User Manual and Instructions for the new ‘Dealer Profile / Audit Module’ – (As was promised in the end of year ToolBox communications.)


This new module allows you to record over 150 quantitative and qualitative criteria about your dealers.

It supports the recording of both affiliated and non-affiliated dealers allowing you to build great market intelligence and use that information in your channel and sales strategy.

Not only can you record a detailed profile but you can also save a profile as an “audit” assign a score to it and then rank and compare the quality of your family channel.

It is highly customisable and the 150 criteria can be hidden and scored differently depending on the country.

We are also super excited by the opportunities offered in linking the dealer information with all the other information already available in Toolbox and we will be working on this more in the coming months. For example:- 


  • Analyse fleet locations versus dealers locations and build geographical analytics in ToolBox BI.
  • Analyse affiliated and competitor Dealer footprints and strategically target fleet opportunities.
  • ‘Sell-out’ information – see what products are being sold and to whom.


· Mass Upload:

After cleansing; We can mass upload your Dealers from SAP (already done for North Region). If you would like to proceed with this option then please contact us via your local ToolBox Champion.


· Translation:

As with all the other ToolBox modules you can translate this module into your local language. If you would like this module in your local language then please contact us via your local ToolBox Champion for the translation files.