Toolbox is using a hierarchical system to determine which user can see which fleet. Please read the following to understand how that works:

Each user is associated to one and one only “entity”. An entity is usually a physical company (ex: Bridgestone France) but it can also be a virtual one based on geographical area such as "North Region" (even though you may not have an actual company for that region) or based on department (ex: National Fleets).

- Each fleet is also associated with one and one only entity. This is selected at the time of fleet creation process and can be modified in the page FLEET PROFILE > GENERAL.

- One entity is associated to a parent entity. For example, "France South Region" has for parent "Bridgestone France". In turn Bridgestone France would have "Bridgestone Europe" as its parents. Or said differently, we can say that "Bridgestone France" and "France South Region" are children entities of "Bridgestone Europe".
Toolbox supports as much as 20 levels of hierarchy between entities.

The rule is then that each user can see all the fleets that are associated to his entity or to its children entities. 

As an example taking the below diagram we can say that:

- JOHN can see Fleet A, B, C, D and E when connected to Toolbox

- Jane can only see Fleet A and B

- Bob can only see Fleet C, D and E