There is a wide range of devices from different manufacturers available in the market. Windows 8 is available in desktop computers, 2 in 1 (laptop and tablet combined), ruggedized tablets and normnal tablets of various sizes.
The right device depends on how you use Toolbox Touch.

Toolbox TOUCH requires the full version of Windows 8. The "RT" version is currently not supported.


2 IN 1 (TABLET/LAPTOP) Can be used as a tablet when travelling or as a traditional laptop when attached to the keyboard for additional usability in the office.

2 in 1 are Ideal for users with light to moderate use of Toolbox Touch.

Benefit of “2 in 1” is that it avoid duplication of devices in the company as it can replace existing laptops. In other words, there is no need for the company to purchase tablets on top of the existing laptops. Just need to replace the current laptops.

There are many manufacturers of Window 8 2-in-1 (Asus, Acer, Lenovo etc…)
Some hybrids are also available in semi-ruggedized version (ex:
Fujitsu Stylistic Q704)


FULLY RUGGEDIZED TABLETS These devices are resistant to shock, humidity and dust. They are heavy duty devices most appropriate for those of you visiting fleet yard often.


It is highly recommended for site supervisors in fleets with Total Tire Management contracts using Tracker extensively. Most popular devices are the Panasonic ToughPad series

However such devices are expensive (around 1500$). They must be considered ike a piece of “equipment” (much like other tire servicing tools).

For less frequent usage, you can also choose from a wide variety of devices coming in various sizes.
Recently 8 inches tablets have been released with very positive reviews
including from Toolbox Touch users.
Best devices in this category are
the Lenovo ThinkPad 8 or the Dell Venue 8 Pro