What is Vehicle Live View?

Vehicle Live View offers you a chance to live monitor your vehicle tire pressure. The feature is designed to keep you up-to-date on the vehicle tire conditions if they are really ready for the trip. It is similar to Vehicle Live Monitoring on the web aimed to help you with precise data.

Please Note:
Vehicle Live View only works for TPMS-enabled fleet locations.
If your fleet is not enabled for TPMS, refer to: Enable TPMS for your fleet

Steps to find Vehicle Live View

1. Go to IntelliTire/TRACKER from the menu bar at the bottom.

2. Click Inspect & Track.

3. Select your fleet location.

The Vehicle card page lists all the fleet vehicles and their pressure conditions recorded during the last inspection.

4. Select the vehicle that you want to monitor.

5. Tap the Sensor Actions button under the Issues section.

6. Select Live View.

The following screen provides you with an updated preview of the vehicle and if its tire pressures meet the pre-defined policies.

The vehicle information is refreshed every 2-5 minutes and so does the vehicle preview. The live view screen further updates you with the last updated time, as seen in the following examples: