You can use probe to record tread depth and tire pressure on Toolbox. Toolbox currently supports probe devices by Translogik which accelerates the tire inspections for your fleet vehicles.

The following picture gives a glimpse of:

  • Translogik G1 105 Series (Left, Used previously)
  • Translogik GX Series (Right, Newer models)

Probe devices can be simply paired via Bluetooth within the application.

Please Note:
Toolbox Touch comes with inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity. You need to integrate the Probe device directly within the Touch application, not via the OS.

To connect the Probe to Toolbox Touch, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Open Toolbox Touch and enter fleet credentials. 
  2. Tap on the Hamburger icon located at the top left corner of the screen. 
  3. Select the Settings option.

Within the Settings menu, you will find four horizontal tabs: General, Probe, Intellitire, and About

With the Probe tab, you can add and connect your Probe devices. 

The Bluetooth icon located next to the Select Probe field indicates its connectivity status: 

  • Red icon means no device has been connected as a probe. 
  • Blue icon means that a probe device is successfully connected. 

        4. Tap on the Select Probe field.

The next screen allows you to select from the active Probe devices. 

Toolbox only supports probes from Translogik with a up-to-date Bluetooth firmware.
For enquiries, please contact our support team.

Tap on the Translogik probe device to select it.

The Probe Information provides details on the probe device, such as the model name and software version, for troubleshooting purposes. The set Unit of Measurement (UoM) of the probe will automatically be converted to the Fleet UoM. 

Probe's firmware setting for Pressure is set to bar but Fleet UoM for measuring pressure is set to PSI. Toolbox will automatically convert the values.

The Probe Settings page contains the desired fields to manage the device and how you want to automate the recordings, the direction of navigating between tires, and prioritizing tire positions.

        5. Select the Starting Side

You can select Right if you want to record the inspection starting from the right side of the vehicle. By default, it is selected as Left. 

Please Note: 
The order works for all the inspection types:
- Yard Check

        6. Select the Tire Direction.

Select Outside First to record readings for the outer tire first. The default choice is Inside First which prioritizes the inner tire. 

        7. Select the Read Direction.
Select Clockwise if you want to navigate through the next tires fitted on a vehicle in the clockwise direction.
The default selection is Anticlockwise.

The BLE probes are Gen1 0- Model 105L, iProbe BLE / iProbe+ BLE, and EMiProbe - Model 202.

BLE is a safer bet for all modern platforms and devices, whether iOS or Android.

Here is an overview of probes that are compatible with Toolbox:

G1 probe



Toolbox running in iOS (> 10.3 OS)

Model 105L

Model 202

Model 202

Toolbox running in Android (> OS 7)

Model 105L

Model 202

Model 202

If your probe is not supported on the Touch application, contact