Colour Legend for the Vehicle Layout in INSTA 

Tyres in non-colored means

  • They are not yet selected and no data have been captured or confirmed

Tyres in green colour means 

  • The tyre been inspected and does not have any warning or critical condition. 

Tyres in blue colour means

  • The tyre is currently selected to start inputting data

Tyres in red colour means

  • The tyre has been inspected and has a critical condition.

Tyres in orange colour means

  • The tyre has been inspected and has a warning condition.

Multiple Position set to YES

  1. Mark the tyres on the vehicle layout you want to name the same casing and condition
  2. Marked casings are highlighted in blue on the vehicle layout
  3. Select the casing and condition (not mandatory fields)
  4. Press on Confirm 

        > Now the tyres are highlighted in coloured on the vehicle layout meaning you can only edit each tyre individually. 

Additional Info

  • Once the tyre is confirmed, it is not possible to select this tyre in the "multiple position YES" process.